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Thank you Amsterdam Street Art for designing the Gay Pride Boat for the Mayor of Amsterdam.

Gay Pride Gemeenteboot -600px

Boxhead at GO Gallery

Boxhead curated, along with Mathew Knight this exhibition Intersubjective.
This is her work, she’s a very talented artist.

6x Boxhead-600px

Cubehead by Mathew Knight

On Saturday July 25, we open the exhibiton Intersubjective, by Matthew Knight & Boxhead as the 2 curators.
Matthew Knight, aka Cubehead just finished this beautiful sculpture, called Intersubjective. It’s made from resin, wood, sprypaint and acrylics. Edition = 25, every piece is different.

Cubehead sculpture, -600px

GayPride exhibition: INTERSUBJECTIVE, July 25 – September 26

“Intersubjective” is a joint show by Begoña Toledo a.k.a Boxhead and Matthew Knight together with a long array of guest artists. Inspired by this year’s Pride theme: “Share”, the vibrantly colourful artworks in this exhibition have been collectively created with a universal consciousness perspective, focused on the concept of the collective mind and the importance of sharing in shaping our ideas and relations. The line up of artists that Begoña and Matthew will be collaborating are Carl Cashman (UK), Andre Levy (BR), Mark McClure (UK), Etnik (IT), Oko (HR), Dotsy (NL), Loes Van Delft (NL), Adam Bridgeland (UK), David Feliu (ES), Verz (NI), Trev Harvey (UK) and Brian Coldrick (IR). Intersubjective

Davor ‘Deesaster’ Smoljan at GO Gallery

‘SCARS & HYPES’ opening on Saturday, 4th of July.
Davor arriving at GO