GO Gallery - Prinsengracht 64 - Amsterdam
‘Not to be Titled’, a solo exhibition by Kaili Smith, June 25th.

‘Not to be Titled’, a solo exhibition by Kaili Smith, June 25th.

Kaili Smith, 'Not to be Tiltled', Laxmi
Kaili Smith, ‘Not to be Tiltled’, Laxmi


Kaili Smith is a talented young painter and photographer from a bi-cultural background. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Australia, he now lives in Rotterdam. His art, that takes him around the world, is a reflection on the increasingly integrated society of today.  He reflects both on the beauty and the struggles of it.
‘Not to be titled’ is a collection of works which takes a conscious approach to the lack of diversity in art. The work focuses on a range of people from diverse backgrounds both male and female, looking past cultural stereotypes into who they really are and what energy they give off. All this communicated through aesthetically life size paintings. Every viewer will find a bit of themselves in at least one of the paintings.
Kaili is currently studying Fine arts at Willem de Kooning Academy, and was recently accepted to study at the New York “School of Visual Arts”. He belongs to a new generation of artists who want to be more involved and connected to the world around them. He seeks to create a dialogue with society instead of criticising it from a distance. Being just 20 years of age, Kaili shows a promising future in the art world.