Lorenzo Bitetto


Granchio, Oil on canvas, 60x60 cm

Granchio, Oil on canvas, 60×60 cm

Piccio, Oil on canvas, 60x60 cm

Picchio, Oil on canvas, 60×60 cm

Lorenzo Bitetto
was born in Bari in 1986, but soon after moved near Milan where he still lives. Art and manual skills have always been a great advantage for him. Since of a young age, he approached the street art and craftsmanship, especially with his background of blacksmith, in which field he has been working in for over 15 years.
The variety of techniques and through many productions that he has experienced during his career, have led him to different ways of representing ideas that deserve to become an Art Work.
His bright colors and very precise lines, makes his artworks easy to recognize.
Maybe one day, we will say, “That’s a Bitetto”!!!