• Ricardo Cherbeluka

    Ricardo Cherbeluka

    Brazilian artist Ricardo Cherbeluka showed his work at GO Gallery last year. Here you can see his latest collection that he created during and after his 2 months visit to Amsterdam. Click on the image to see the virtual exhibition.  Read More »
  • Miriam Kruishoop

    Miriam Kruishoop

    Miriam Kruishoop is an award winning writer/director and visual artist. Born in the Netherlands, she graduated with honors from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Kruishoop’s films, from the stylized features Vive Elle and Unter den Palmen, starring 70’s film icon Helmut Berger, to the politically conscious immigrant story Greencard Warriors, center around individuals who struggle with their isolated, sometimes alienated existence […]Read More »
  • Ard Doko

    Ard Doko

    ARD DOKO (b.1991, NL) From illegal graffiti to contemporary museums, Ard Doko has been taking the international art scene by storm since the age of 19. Armed with spray cans, markers and brushes, the artist is not only tackling 900 square feet walls but has also proven to exhibit his paintings around the world alongside […]Read More »
  • CHAZ, 3 new paintings

    CHAZ, 3 new paintings

    Meet Chaz, originally from London, currently living in Amsterdam. Just received three new characteristic canvasses, all 80×80 cm.  Read More »
  • KIDNAP at the NOODLE SHOP, paintings by DELIC

    KIDNAP at the NOODLE SHOP, paintings by DELIC

    Het weekend van zaterdag 8 en zondag 9 september staat in het teken van DELIC: zaterdag: opening van de expositie in GO Gallery Amsterdam; zondag:   optreden in de Melkweg. De expositie duurt tot 13 oktober. De kunstenaar Peter Blom (29-10-1981) wordt in Nederland bekend onder de naam Delic als muziekproducer en bandlid van de succesvolle […]Read More »
  • CTRL Cut, solo exhibition by Burry Buermans

    CTRL Cut, solo exhibition by Burry Buermans

    ENGLISH text hereunder Nederlandse tekst: De zoektocht van Burry Buermans – van knipsels naar Kunst Tekst: Kim Middelbosch Als kind droomde Burry Buermans (1982) er al van om kunstenaar te worden. “Mijn ouders vonden dat geen goed idee, maar het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan. Ik heb altijd mijn dromen gevolgd. Ik hield […]Read More »
  • RJHalls: “F**K MICKEY….  3 – 18 September 2016

    RJHalls: “F**K MICKEY…. 3 – 18 September 2016

    On Saturday,  September 3rd,  GO Gallery opens the F**K MICKEY   It’s the  MINNIE  unmasked exhibition   “In art Mickey was everywhere but where was Minnie? Why was she ignored in the art world, was this sexist? Delving deeper I realised she was black all over but with a white face. This reminded me of the Black […]Read More »
  • K-Pax


    K – Pax is the artistic alter ego of german painter Matthias Poltrock. Hawaii, Marrakech, San Francisco, Rome, Toulouse, Barcelona, Tenerife, London and newly also Amsterdam. K – Pax collects colors, shapes, moods and impressions throughout the world. K – Pax combines in his works well known logos of our consumer society with elements of his […]Read More »
  • Alberto Vargas

    Alberto Vargas

    The History of Alberto Vargas Alberto Vargas was born in the city of Arequipa, Peru, on February 9, 1896. No one could have predicted that a humble son from a remote Andean town would create a legacy that both shaped and reflected the ideals of American beauty in the 20th century. His graceful, subtly-detailed paintings […]Read More »
  • Kaili Smith – Not to be Titled, June 25th

    Kaili Smith – Not to be Titled, June 25th

                                          UK Kaili Smith is a talented young painter and photographer from a bi-cultural background. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Australia, he now lives in Rotterdam. His art, that takes him around the world, is […]Read More »
  • TUCO (Fr)

    TUCO (Fr)

    Not necessarily the most obvious to me, but i’ll try to introduce my work. I have two favorite tools : my camera and my cutter. I like particulary decorating streets and interfering in public areas with stencils ; i really enjoy to involve local people in my projects. I also paint in my studio on […]Read More »
  • Franck Ecalard

    Franck Ecalard

  • TLP, The London Police

    TLP, The London Police

    The London Police started when big English geezers headed to Amsterdam in 1998 and started rejuvenating the visually disappointing streets of the drug capital of the world. The characters known simply as ‘LADS’ soon held an iconic presence in the city. Electricity boxes became their home and between 1998 and 2003, over 1000 LADS were […]Read More »
  • Ives.One (NL)

    Ives.One (NL), a Dutch street artist from Amsterdam, CO- FOUNDER and CREATIVE DIRECTOR of project ASA, started graffiti in 1996. Shows since 2010 his work at GO Gallery. This young emerging artist knows how to use his techniques outside, on the big walls, and the fine art techniques on the canvasses. In October / November 2014 […]Read More »
  • Max Zorn, tape artist (NL/Ger)

    Max Zorn, tape artist (NL/Ger)

    Born in the Netherlands, Max Zorn made a name as a street artist while working on various projects in Amsterdam and internationally. By using layers of translucent brown packing tapes on Plexyglas panels, Zorn creates stunning portraits of romantic and strong characters which he installs on street lamps in public places. Once the lights are […]Read More »
  • ‘SECOND’ UrbanPop

    ‘SECOND’ UrbanPop

    After his successfull exhibition “Inside  / Outside” in 20 12together with the collective “Zeitfurdrips”, and  a new collection  almost one year later, Second shows his new artworks  “UrbanPop” in GO Gallery together with PeintreX. All Claus Tormöhlen artworks are signed with his artist name ‘second’. With this name he refers to the profound stories in his artworks. These stories […]Read More »
  • Rhamsey K. light sculptures.

    Rhamsey K. light sculptures.

    Conquest of the fascinated, Light sculpture by Rhamsey K. 12 Barbie dolls, toy soldiers, paint & light. During my walk of life I varied the time and energy that I put into my creativity and building things. When dressing my house I quickly ran into expensive and uninspiring stuff in the shops. D.I.Y. is for […]Read More »
  • Steve Kaufman

    Steve Kaufman

    Steven Alan Kaufman (AKA Steve Kaufman, December 29, 1960 – February 12, 2010) was an American pop artist,[1] fine artist, sculptor, stained glass artist, filmmaker, photographer and humanitarian. His entry into the world of serious pop art began in his teens when he became an assistant to Andy Warhol at The Factory studio. Nicknamed “SAK” […]Read More »
  • Zaira


    Zaira, born in Switzerland 1983, moved after several years working on different projects in her home country to Amsterdam. Amsterdam has conquered her heart since early 2011. From that period onwards, she’s actively busy with making wonderful art in open spaces, like on the streets of Amsterdam. One street in particularly you will see her […]Read More »
  • Perishable Rush (NL)

    Perishable Rush (NL)

    Portraits by ‘ Perishable Rush’ I’m working on a series of portraits of my personal heroes. The basis of the works is formed by a layer of ripped screenprints wheatpasted on a wooden panel. The roughly torn up and pasted screenprints make up a raw background for the stylistic and clean illustrated portraits.  In these […]Read More »
  • Ecalard, Franck

    Ecalard, Franck

    FRANCK ECALARD – OPTIMIST Franck Ecalard was born in 1967 to a mother and father! He is French. As a child, he sketched and drew and painted in his exercise books, until he  finally grew up to obtain a degree in Architecture (DPLG, 1994) which gave him a chance to stand on his on two […]Read More »
  • Inkie (UK)

    Inkie (UK)

    Inkie (UK), is één van de meest beruchte en productieve graffiti kunstenaars uit de Engelse geschiedenis die uit de Bristol scene uit de jaren ’80 is voort gekomen. Sinds die tijd heeft Inkie ook gewerkt als hoofd designer voor o.a. SEGA (videogames voor Playstation), Xbox (Microsoft) en werkt momenteel voor Jade Jagger als binnenhuisarchitect. Hij […]Read More »
  • Schade, Otto (CL)

    Schade, Otto (CL)

    Otto was born in Chile in 1971. He initially studied Architecture at the Bio Bio University and Construction and Design Architecture in Concepcion, Chile. As a successful architect, he has been awarded for public and private projects. Otto has always felt an avid fascination for the Surrealists, as well as the freedom which surrounds abstract […]Read More »
  • Wood, Ronnie  (US)

    Wood, Ronnie (US)

    Ronnie Wood maakt kunst met dezelfde onverstoorbaarheid waarmee hij gitaar speelt, naar eigen maatstaven en inzichten, en zonder zich overdreven veel van andermans mening aan te trekken. [nggallery id=29] Het is kunst zonder diepzinnige bespiegelingen of zwaarwegende theorieën, louter ontstaan uit het genoegen dat de maker aan zijn eigen werk beleeft. Rock ‘n’ roll, maar […]Read More »
  • Fairey, Shepard

    Fairey, Shepard

    [:en]Shepard Fairey (1970) is een moderne Amerikaanse kunstenaar, grafisch ontwerper en illustrator die is voortgekomen uit de skateboard scene. Hij werd bekend door zijn “Andre the Giant has a Posse” (… OBEY …) sticker-campagne, waarin hij beelden gebruikte uit de komische supermarkt tabloid Weekly World News. Zijn werk werd wereldberoemd in de campagne van de […]Read More »
  • Bustart


    Bustart was born in 1983 in Switzerland. [nggallery id=27] His goal is to affect and touch. Be it surface or opinions. From the beginning on he knew, that it’s everybody’s responsibility to create their surrounding according to their imagination. …His works intend to leave the spectator questioning the issue behind the subject, speculating about it […]Read More »
  • Mijsbergh, Michan

    Mijsbergh, Michan

    sbergh, MichanRead More »
  • Handiedan (NL)

    Handiedan (NL)

    Amsterdam based collage artist Hanneke Treffers (The Netherlands, 1981), better known as Handiedan, started working as a self taught collage artist almost 5 years ago. With a history as graduated photographic designer at the Academy for fine Arts and design St. Joost, Breda in 2002, she developed her working skills into graphic design and illustration […]Read More »