28 Stars, a European Art Show

We would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition
28 STARS European Art Show
at the GO Gallery, Amsterdam
Opening: on Saturday, January 26, from 5 – 8 pm.
On display until March 16

The 28 STARS European Art Show is an exhibition in collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art, ASA

28 works by 28 artists will be shown during the 28 STARS European Art Show. Every country from the EU is represented by a Street Artist. The show shows a combination of established artists and up-and-coming talents, each with its own and special style.
The majority of the European line-up shows their work for the first time in the Netherlands.

The 28 STARS European Art Show is unique because all works are printed on Fabriano paper. Arca is responsible for all prints of the exhibition, they print the works on the paper of Innova Art, the famous Fabriano paper.
The paper ensures brilliant color reproduction and a long shelf life.
The Innova factory in Italy is the oldest paper factory in Europe.
The factory supplied paper to Leonardo da Vinci as early as the 15th century. The paper of our euro notes is also made by this factory.

All works are limited edition and are printed in A2 format in an edition of 11 (10 numbered and 1 AP). All artworks have the same sales price of € 190, – and include a certificate signed by the artists. A unique opportunity and a perfect opportunity for (novice) art collectors as the prices of the selected artists are normally much higher.

28 STARS European Union Art Show – Same size, price, quality and edition.

GO Gallery organizes annually together with ASA, Amsterdam Street Art Foundation,
a Street Art exhibition with several artists.
The Foundation, founded in 2010, aims among other things to support starting and established Street Artists with assignments, promotion and exhibitions at home and abroad. Since its inception, ASA has exhibited 200 national and international artists in the Netherlands and commissioned projects.
ASA has a reach of more than 400,000 followers on Facebook; it is one of the largest Street Art organizations worldwide.



I F****D Mickey. Minnies’s Revenge! Exhibition by Robert J. Halls. December 1, 2018

On December 1, GO Gallery opened the second solo exhibition by Robert J. Halls.
After the unprecedented success in 2016 of ‘F ** K Mickey’, his work gets a sequel in Minnie’s Revenge:

I F****D Mickey

Robert J. Halls was trained as a couturier, he studied at the London School of Fashion and designed costumes for stage, film, TV and music stars and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

After a successful career, he became frustrated by the fashion industry and started drawing and painting. This passion created the ultimate career change.
After completing a course at the Putney School of Art and the Open University he became a full-time artist and his work was exhibited in galleries and art fairs in London, Brighton and Amsterdam.

Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse were born 90 years ago in 1928 from the brain of Walt Disney. Mickey can be seen everywhere in art, but his girlfriend Minnie is much less visible, but she did become the muse of Robert J. Halls. Halls soon started making portraits of her.

The paintings of the old masters he had seen and studied in the Rijksmuseum, The National Gallery, the Prado and the palaces of Versailles, formed the basis of his own work. He loved the hidden meanings in the paintings of famous women and religious icons. The techniques that they applied to the canvas in oil paint hit him the most and were an eye-opener for him.

He copied paintings by Peter Paul Rubens, Francois Boucher and other masters and portrayed Minnie in the capacity of Marie (Minnie) Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I and other legendary types from history. The frames have also been carefully chosen and are an indispensable part of the artworks.

While painting the works for the exhibition, Robert realizes that Minnie’s body is black, that she has a white face and wears white gloves. This reminded him of the Black & White Minstrels, white and Afro-American actors performed during the Minstrel shows with black face paint (blackface) to mock Afro-Americans. They were popular from the 1930s to the 70s. Walt Disney created Mickey & Minnie in the 1930s at the height of the popularity of the Minstrels and at the same time some critics accused him of racism, which he always denied.

The paintings by Robert J. Halls are hilarious and also a commentary on racism at this time in our society.

Opening: Saturday, December 1, 17:00 – 20:00.
in the presence of the artist.
Exhibition up to and including January 12, 2019
The GO Gallery is open between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

For more information about the exhibition, a pleasant interview with the artist, or visual material, please contact us.

GO Gallery @ the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam, 31 October – 4 November.

GO Gallery will show a street art collection of more than 30 (mainly) Local Heroes.
This year, War Child  is 2018 charity partner of the Affordable Art Fair.

Together with ASA, Amsterdam Street Art, we will be exhibiting five impactful artworks from their Urban Heroes Street Art collection.

All of the pieces are created by well-known Dutch street artists on behalf of War Child, and will be for sale on the GO Gallery stand (A22).

All proceeds from the sales go to War Child and the artists.

Would you like to visit the AAF, send us an email for limited free passes.



Here’s a sneak preview of our AAF collection.

SMASH the NARRATIVE presents ALTER NATION, October 20th.

An Art Prize competition for international and local artists to address one of the most important and controversial issues of our time:

What is the meaning of nationality?

Click here to see all the artworks


More than 100 artists from all over the world have studied this and signed up for the Art Prize.
The jury selected 21 artworks that can be seen at the exhibition.
A benefactor has set up the organization and gives 2 cash prizes:
–  one winner receives the prize of € 2,500 and
–  the second prize is € 1,000.
During the exhibition period, visitors of the GO Gallery are invited to vote for their favorite artwork, this is only possible in the gallery itself, just on a piece of paper, we keep it exciting until the last day of the exhibition!
The winner of this public award will receive € 500 in art materials from Van der Linde …
(specialist in the field of drawing and artist materials).
Our thanks for this great gesture!
The winners of the 1st and 2nd price will be announced during the opening on Saturday October 20th from 17:00 – 20:00 hrs.

All artworks are for sale.
Click here to see all the artworks and for more information or contact GO Gallery

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DELIC, Kidnap at the Noodle Shop, the after movie