Amsterdam Dance Event @ GO Gallery Amsterdam

Are you looking for a suitable location in the center of Amsterdam where you can receive your guests and business relations during Amsterdam Dance Event?
A stylish place with a personal and hospitable atmosphere where you and your guests can have undisturbed discussions, away from the decibels in the dance clubs and house parties?
The GO Gallery offers this opportunity on 100 m2 on Marnixstraat 127, on the edge of the Jordaan, close to Westerpark.
In the gallery you can have lunch and a drink in the middle of the exhibition “STATE OF MIND”, by the 2 top artists Miriam Kruishoop and Mike van Veen.
During ADE, from 16 – 20 October, the GO Gallery can also be your gallery!
Get in touch with us for more information and the options.

Ben je op zoek naar een geschikte locatie in het centrum van Amsterdam waar je je gasten en zakenrelaties kunt ontvangen tijdens Amsterdam Dance Event?
Een stijlvolle plek met een persoonlijke en gastvrije sfeer waar jij en je gasten ongestoord besprekingen kunnen voeren, weg van de decibellen in de dansclubs en de house party’s?
De GO Gallery biedt die gelegenheid op 100 m2 aan de Marnixstraat, aan de rand van de Jordaan, vlak bij het Westerpark.
In de gallery kan worden geluncht en geborreld temidden van de expositie “STATE OF MIND”, van de 2 top kunstenaars Miriam Kruishoop en Mike van Veen.
Gedurende ADE, van 16 – 20 oktober, kan de GO Gallery ook jouw gallery zijn.
Neem graag contact met ons op voor meer informatie en de mogelijkheden. (+31) 20 7507284


Miriam Kruishoop

Miriam Kruishoop is an award winning writer/director and visual artist. Born in the Netherlands, she graduated with honors from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Kruishoop’s films, from the stylized features Vive Elle and Unter den Palmen, starring 70’s film icon Helmut Berger, to the politically conscious immigrant story Greencard Warriors, center around individuals who struggle with their isolated, sometimes alienated existence in society. In a space whether mentally or physically, Kruishoop mixes reality with fiction.

Kruishoop likes to react to and on society, addressing social and complex issues. One of the images in the photo series God Bless America shows an army of bikini clad, surgically enhanced ‘glamazones’ of different ethnicities, proudly carrying the American Flag. In another image the blond and the Asian ‘glamazones’ are strangling the African American model. Kruishoop points out that the American Dream is a propaganda tool, and a facade.

In 2015, well before the #MeToo movement was established, Kruishoop created a series of photographs of scarred and abused women. She also created a series of neons of curse words both in Arabic and English playing in on the growing anti Muslim sentiment. The show was called #I’mAngryToo.

In both Kruishoop’s films and art, she likes to focus on the voiceless; the ones that she feels might be overlooked in art. Frequently her ‘stories’ evolve around women. Her work depicts violence, brutality, and racism. Kruishoop often uses polished ecstatic and glossy images, trying to seduce the viewers.

In the short film Sometimes it’s hard to be a Woman, we witness a heavily made up, barely dressed, bleached blond woman violently being beaten up by her lover. She’s covered in blood. She cries. She’s helpless. A few years later Kruishoop created the video installation Unbreakable. A natural beauty is repeatedly hit in her face. We can’t identify the person who is hitting her. It’s just a fist coming in and out of frame. The video is multilayered: the beating has no effect. The beauty barely reacts and she doesn’t bleed or bruise. In some strange way she owns it. On the other hand the literal beating reflects a figurative meaning: mental abuse that does not leave physical marks, but scars a person deeply. It reflects the long fight of women slowly but surely strengthening their position in a male dominated society.

Like a film script Kruishoop’s works are carefully choreographed and cleverly edited. She doesn’t use any special effects or computer manipulation. Kruishoop works in multi media, sculpture, photography and film.

Unprecedented Kruishoop won the Citroen Award at the Dutch Film festival for best Graduation film, despite the fact that she was only in her third year. She wrote, directed and produced her first feature film Vive Elle when she was still in school. She received a grant from the Dutch Film Foundation to finish the film as Kruishoop landed a theatrical distribution deal. This was unheard of as students normally are not allowed to receive film grants. She’s the youngest female in the Netherlands to have written and directed a feature film. Kruishoop won the Culture price of the city of Amsterdam and was runner up for the National Dutch Culture price.

The portraits that are exhibited in the State of Mind exhibition at GO Gallery, were made after the murder of Nipsey Hussle, rapper from LA, April 2018.


Ard Doko

ARD DOKO (b.1991, NL)

From illegal graffiti to contemporary museums, Ard Doko has been taking the international art scene by storm since the age of 19.
Armed with spray cans, markers and brushes, the artist is not only tackling 900 square feet walls but has also proven to exhibit his paintings around the world alongside artists like Shepard Fairey, The London Police, Max Zorn and Joseph Klibanksy. 

The works of Ard Doko combine melancholy as well as his need to devour the beauty of life.
His images and stories often depict romance, his rough childhood, and the journey of finding his own identity.
Heavy brush strokes, splatters and shapes carved in the canvas are distinctive for his art and often described as expressive and “straight in your face”.
In an interview with Peripheral Art, he stated; “My style tends to be explosive and chaotic, just like myself”.

Doko’s paintings are shown in various exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA and are getting appreciated in multiple art segments.
In 2015 he got invited by Dutch museum ‘De Fundatie” to show his work alongside Joseph Klibansky, Niels Smits van Burgst, Ans Markus and many others.
In 2017 he became Chief-editor for Amsterdam Street Art.

Besides showcasing his artwork around the world, the young artist is also known for setting up community art projects.
With “Blue” he ignited a spark in Peoria, Illinois. Making mental health issues less of a taboo and displaying local artists their art on various billboards throughout the city.
In the past Ard has worked with Magic Garage in Los Angeles, Lend9 Gallery (Austria), Go Gallery (Amsterdam) CIAO (USA) and Blooom Art fair (Cologne).

STATE of MIND, 14 September – 26 October 2019

Opening : Saturday 14 September, 5 - 8 pm.

Born in Hilversum, Fine Art Photographer Mike van Veen established the Mike van Veen Art Studio to create his debut, international exhibition, ‘HEAD SPACE’, comprising images originally captured using the X-ray camera at his local hospital.
Inspired by Dutch painter Karel Appel, co-founder of avant-garde movement Cobra, and Swiss surrealist painter H.R Giger, van Veen’s artistic career began as a film-maker.
Like German sculptor Rebecca Horn, van Veen’s medical experiences at a young age led directly to the formation of his early artistic practice - in his case, seeing X-rays of himself after injuries incurred playing and exploring as a child.
“I became fascinated by X-ray photography and its potential for creating a new aesthetic in figurative, as well as more abstract art, transforming the appearance of the world around me and the visual identities of the objects in it. It is a unique artistic technology and the results are always unpredictable, generating artistic outcomes which only emerge in the course of the experimental process of exposing objects to differing levels of radiation”.
Van Veen’s early film explorations of Afghanistan and Italy led him to experience light and colour in ways which, subsequently, he could apply to the images captured by the X-ray camera, transforming their subjects’ form and appearance, to give them a completely new visual identity.
Following ‘HEAD SPACE’ previews in Milan and Venice in 2015, internationally acclaimed recording artist Armin van Buuren commissioned Mike van Veen to create the visual imagery for his 2016 World Tour, ‘Embrace’. The collaboration has provided a unique contemporary gallery for the exhibition of the art of Mike van Veen, reaching a global audience of over a quarter of a million people in the Netherlands, Dubai, Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey, Belarus, Mexico, China, Macau, Philippines, Taiwan, Brasil, Australia and Russia.

Miriam Kruishoop
In her work, MK focuses on people and their stories. Using their narrative to amplify the conversation about the ‘invisible’ people in our society. Having lived in the US for over a decade, MK has been influenced by her surroundings and American society at large—the disparity and the deliberate suppression of minorities, police brutality, and racism. MK’s passion for exploring the cultural narratives in America spans a diverse set of creative genres. For example, in her film “Greencard Warriors,” she focused on the issue of army recruitment of young undocumented Latinos.
In this exhibition Miriam Kruishoop will show a few of her latest photos, a sculptural work and neons.


RMBRNDT.NU is een tentoonstelling met hedendaags werk geïnspireerd op de oude meester
Rembrandt van Rijn. Het idee voor de tentoonstelling ontstond doordat veel prachtige kunstwerken
die werden ingezonden voor de tentoonstelling LangLeveRembrandt in het Rijksmuseum,
uiteindelijk geen podium vonden. Maak jij kunst en voel je je daarbij geïnspireerd door Rembrandt?
Doe dan mee en zend je werk in! De tentoonstelling RMBRNDT.NU zal met name in het teken
staan van nieuwe kunstvormen en technieken, zoals interactieve audiovisuele kunst, lichtinstallaties,
augmented- en virtual reality, 3D, street art en andere nieuwe toepassingen en materialen. Maar
uiteraard zijn ook verrassende hedendaagse werken gemaakt met traditionele materialen van harte
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