I F****D Mickey. Minnies’s Revenge! Exhibition by Robert J. Halls. December 1, 2018

On December 1, GO Gallery opened the second solo exhibition by Robert J. Halls.
After the unprecedented success in 2016 of ‘F ** K Mickey’, his work gets a sequel in Minnie’s Revenge:

I F****D Mickey

Robert J. Halls was trained as a couturier, he studied at the London School of Fashion and designed costumes for stage, film, TV and music stars and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

After a successful career, he became frustrated by the fashion industry and started drawing and painting. This passion created the ultimate career change.
After completing a course at the Putney School of Art and the Open University he became a full-time artist and his work was exhibited in galleries and art fairs in London, Brighton and Amsterdam.

Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse were born 90 years ago in 1928 from the brain of Walt Disney. Mickey can be seen everywhere in art, but his girlfriend Minnie is much less visible, but she did become the muse of Robert J. Halls. Halls soon started making portraits of her.

The paintings of the old masters he had seen and studied in the Rijksmuseum, The National Gallery, the Prado and the palaces of Versailles, formed the basis of his own work. He loved the hidden meanings in the paintings of famous women and religious icons. The techniques that they applied to the canvas in oil paint hit him the most and were an eye-opener for him.

He copied paintings by Peter Paul Rubens, Francois Boucher and other masters and portrayed Minnie in the capacity of Marie (Minnie) Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I and other legendary types from history. The frames have also been carefully chosen and are an indispensable part of the artworks.

While painting the works for the exhibition, Robert realizes that Minnie’s body is black, that she has a white face and wears white gloves. This reminded him of the Black & White Minstrels, white and Afro-American actors performed during the Minstrel shows with black face paint (blackface) to mock Afro-Americans. They were popular from the 1930s to the 70s. Walt Disney created Mickey & Minnie in the 1930s at the height of the popularity of the Minstrels and at the same time some critics accused him of racism, which he always denied.

The paintings by Robert J. Halls are hilarious and also a commentary on racism at this time in our society.

Opening: Saturday, December 1, 17:00 – 20:00.
in the presence of the artist.
Exhibition up to and including January 12, 2019
The GO Gallery is open between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

For more information about the exhibition, a pleasant interview with the artist, or visual material, please contact us.

GO Gallery @ the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam, 31 October – 4 November.

GO Gallery will show a street art collection of more than 30 (mainly) Local Heroes.
This year, War Child  is 2018 charity partner of the Affordable Art Fair.

Together with ASA, Amsterdam Street Art, we will be exhibiting five impactful artworks from their Urban Heroes Street Art collection.

All of the pieces are created by well-known Dutch street artists on behalf of War Child, and will be for sale on the GO Gallery stand (A22).

All proceeds from the sales go to War Child and the artists.

Would you like to visit the AAF, send us an email for limited free passes.



Here’s a sneak preview of our AAF collection.

SMASH the NARRATIVE presents ALTER NATION, October 20th.

An Art Prize competition for international and local artists to address one of the most important and controversial issues of our time:

What is the meaning of nationality?

Click here to see all the artworks


More than 100 artists from all over the world have studied this and signed up for the Art Prize.
The jury selected 21 artworks that can be seen at the exhibition.
A benefactor has set up the organization and gives 2 cash prizes:
–  one winner receives the prize of € 2,500 and
–  the second prize is € 1,000.
During the exhibition period, visitors of the GO Gallery are invited to vote for their favorite artwork, this is only possible in the gallery itself, just on a piece of paper, we keep it exciting until the last day of the exhibition!
The winner of this public award will receive € 500 in art materials from Van der Linde …
(specialist in the field of drawing and artist materials).
Our thanks for this great gesture!
The winners of the 1st and 2nd price will be announced during the opening on Saturday October 20th from 17:00 – 20:00 hrs.

All artworks are for sale.
Click here to see all the artworks and for more information or contact GO Gallery

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KIDNAP at the NOODLE SHOP, paintings by DELIC

Het weekend van zaterdag 8 en zondag 9 september staat in het teken van DELIC:
zaterdag: opening van de expositie in GO Gallery Amsterdam;
zondag:   optreden in de Melkweg.
De expositie duurt tot 13 oktober.

De kunstenaar
Peter Blom (29-10-1981) wordt in Nederland bekend onder de naam Delic als muziekproducer en bandlid van de succesvolle hiphopgroep Opgezwolle.  Hij wordt geroemd om zijn sinistere geluid en extreme aandacht voor detail.  Hij sleept al dan niet samen met zijn groep Opgezwolle talloze prijzen in de wacht waaronder de Zilveren Harp, 3fm State Award voor beste producer 2005, 2006 en 2007 en de Grolsch grote prijs beste producer categorie hiphop en R&B.
Eind 2007 op het hoogtepunt van zijn succes besluit Blom uit de band te stappen om een jaar lang rond de wereld te reizen en zich te richten op zijn andere grote passie, schilderkunst.  Zijn reis brengt hem langs Argentinië, de Cariben, San Francisco, Japan, China, Maleisië, Rusland en Oost Europa en geeft hem de tijd om zich te verdiepen in schildertechnieken.  Doeken die hij onderweg maakt slijt hij aan galerieën of laat hij achter bij mensen ter plaatse.

Bij terugkomst in Nederland schildert Blom een reeks doeken met indrukken van zijn reis en verandert zijn werk van realistische portretten en menselijke figuren naar stedelijke taferelen en fictieve landschappen.  In deze periode begint hij te experimenteren met gebruik van extreem perspectief wat, naast de terugkeer van olifanten in zijn schilderijen, kenmerkend wordt voor zijn werk.

Er waren een aantal exposities van zijn werk in Amsterdam en Utrecht met collega-kunstenaar Tobias de Haan en in 2013 gaf Peter Blom twee publieke presentaties over zijn kunst en creativiteit in het van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Het project
In 2012 startte Delic in het geheim een literair muziek-en-kunstproject waarbij hij alles voor zijn rekening nam: het schrijven van een verhaal, productie en arrangement en songteksten én ontwerp en uitvoering van een serie schilderijen.
Zijn nieuwe project ‘Kidnap At The Noodle Shop’ is geïnspireerd op zijn reis naar Hong Kong en komt voort uit zijn missie om hypnotiserende muziek te maken. Zijn reiservaringen heeft hij vertaald in een zelfontworpen vinylboek dat bestaat uit acht hoofdstukken. Elk hoofdstuk dat hij schreef correspondeert met een passende track en een schilderij dat geheel in dezelfde sfeer is gemaakt. Het boek is gemaakt in een oplage van 500 stuks en is te bestellen: pre-order. Een preview van de eerste drie hoofdstukken is te bekijken op delic-music.com.

De expositie
Nu, in 2018, is het project klaar om gepresenteerd te worden.
Delic exposeert een 8-tal olieverf schilderijen, allen 90 x 60 cm.
Van alle schilderijen worden in een gelimiteerde oplage prints gemaakt, 60 x 45 cm.
Alle kunstwerken staan vanaf zaterdag 8 september op onze website, www.gogallery.nl
De prints zijn dan te bestellen.

UK text___________________________________

The weekend of Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September will be dominated by DELIC:
Saturday: opening of the exhibition in GO Gallery Amsterdam;
Sunday: performance in the Melkweg.
Exhibition on display until 13 October.

The artist
Peter Blom (29-10-1981) is known in the Netherlands as Delic as music producer and band member of the successful hip-hop group Opgezwolle. He is praised for his sinister sound and extreme attention to detail. He, together with his group Opgezwolle, won numerous prizes including the Zilveren Harp, 3fm State Award for best producer 2005, 2006 and 2007 and the Grolsch big prize best producer category hiphop and R & B.
At the height of his success at the end of 2007 Blom decides to leave the band to travel around the world for a year and to focus on his other passion, painting. His journey takes him past Argentina, the Caribbean, San Francisco, Japan, China, Malaysia, Russia and Eastern Europe and gives him time to delve into painting techniques.
When he returns to the Netherlands, Blom paints a series of canvases with impressions of his journey. His work moves from realistic portraits and human figures to urban scenes and fictional landscapes. In this period he starts experimenting with the use of extreme perspective which, in addition to the return of elephants in his paintings, becomes characteristic of his work.
There were a number of exhibitions of his work in Amsterdam and Utrecht with fellow artist Tobias de Haan and in 2013 Peter Blom gave two public presentations on his art and creativity in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The project
In 2012, Delic secretly started a literary music-and-art project in which he took care of everything: writing a story, production and arrangement and lyrics and designing and making a series of paintings.
His new project ‘Kidnap At The Noodle Shop’ is inspired by his journey to Hong Kong and stems from his mission to make hypnotic music. He translated his travel experiences into a self-designed vinyl book consisting of eight chapters. Each chapter that he wrote corresponds to a suitable track and a painting that is made entirely in the same sphere. The book is made in an edition of 500 pieces and can be ordered: pre-order. A preview of the first three chapters can be viewed at delic-music.com.

The exhibition
Now, in 2018, the project is ready to be presented. Now, in 2018, the project is ready to be presented.
Delic exhibits 8 oil paintings, all 90 x 60 cm.
Prints are made of all paintings in a limited edition 60 x 45 cm. each.
All artworks will be on our website, www.gogallery.nl , from Saturday 8 September.
The prints can then be ordered.

The exhibition lasts until Saturday 13 October.


All 8 paintings from the collection KIDNAP AT THE NOODLE SHOP:
size: 90 x 60 cm
technique: acrylic paint on canvas

Giclee prints on paper
size: 60 x 45 cm (app)
edition: 25
signed and numbered by the artist

Album & Book
edition: 500

PLEASE GET IN CONTACT WITH US: office@gogallery.nl or call us…

Ard Doko’s work now on display

Ard Doko
From illegal graffiti to contemporary museums, Ard Doko has been involved in the international art world since the age of 19. Armed with spray cans, markers and brushes, the artist not only tackles walls of 900 square meters, but has also proven his paintings around the world, alongside artists like Shepard Fairey, The London Police and Max Zorn. The works of Ard Doko combine melancholy as well as his need to devour the beauty of life. His images and stories often depict romance, his rough youth and the journey of finding his own identity. Heavy brush strokes, splashes and shapes cut out in the canvas are characteristic of his art and are often described as expressive and “right in your face”. In an interview with Peripheral Art he stated; “My style is often explosive and chaotic, just like me”.













It’s 2018

They say love is a universal concept, at least that’s what I’m being told through a satellite.

We’ve put people on the moon, developed new ways to fight, know more about the stars and on every subject there shines a light.

We are so technically advanced, yet we’re still shocked by same-sex couples walking hand in hand…

See, I realized most of my friends are part of the L.G.B.T Community.

And as a painter with a balled up fist and a brush I’m making use of this opportunity.

Now I don’t care who you are, let me get this straight.

I was taught to love each human being instead of to hate

So when people don’t accept love between two humans

Whether it’s ignorance or religion

Remember that George Michael still sided with the believers

When he sang the words; “Cause I got to have faith”.

My latest paintings depict the brave people that are holding on to their love even in times of trouble.

Love thy neighbour says the book of god, and you’ll end up receiving it double.

We need to break down societies stigmas and walls and start living outside of our bubble.

Let’s walk hand in hand to build up paradise with the stones that are left in the rubble.

Ard Doko 2018

PINK with PRIDE 2018

GO Gallery organizes an exhibition around the annual AGP, Amsterdam Gay Pride: Pink with Pride 2018.

6 artists are invited this year to exhibit their new works during the annual GayPride exhibition PINK with PRIDE in the GO Gallery.
ENDLESS (street art), René Zuiderveld (photography), R’JEAN (photography), Chris Marmier (cartoons)
The opening of the exhibition is on Saturday 21 July, the exhibition lasts until 25 August.

Endless is a London-based artist, his provocative and radical creations are often found on the walls in London, telling a story about our world that is brutal and intense. One of the most iconic works of the artist is the Marky Mark, an ironic version of the Calvin Klein advertisement with Mark Wahlberg from the 90s.

René Zuiderveld.

From and especially in close collaboration with his models he makes portraits, erotically tinted photographs, but also evocative images that flirt with fetish and kink. Some with a clear wink, other theatrical and yet another sensual / erotic.
In GO Gallery he shows a number of erotic / sexual nudes in black and white, including a nod to Robert Mapplethorpe and to the work of the painter Egon Schiele.




Photographer R’JEAN has made a series of portraits:
‘Drag Royals – Each Side Has a Face’.

“I think Drag Queens and Drag Kings are special and beautiful. It is fascinating to see how the man transforms a woman into another person in appearance and behavior. At the same time it is a part of the person himself, intriguing.
I wanted to capture these two appearances and extremes (the man / woman and his / her alter ego) in one image without photoshop. So half in the make-up and half a wig, which was quite a challenge. A total of 30 portraits were made, 9 are in the exhibition.







Chris Marmier is a French artist based in Amsterdam.
He has been drawing since he was a toddler and has never ever stopped. Growing up in several countries with his bi-cultural family, he has been observing people of various cultures, in different environments, and they have inspired him. Drawing only by memory or imagination, people are the main subject of his creativity.
Chris has studied visual communication and worked in advertising agencies and he’s currently a freelance graphic designer/illustrator. Getting to the point in an aesthetic way is the link between his work and his artwork. Through his drawings, using markers on wooden boards, he expresses his vision of our world(s).

‘People safari’ is a journey through people’s everyday lives and the connection with their surroundings. As if watching other people like we watch animals in a game reserve with a safe distance, we make a parallel with our lives that becomes a reflection of who we are and how we interact with one another.

Ard Doko is an ambitious young artist, showing his work in museums, galleries and on big walls around the world.


Ard Doko himself

Holger Zimmermann
Petticoats, Kuiven, Beautiful cars. The journals from the fifties are odes to the sector, the exuberance and nonchalance of the post-war years.
When Zimmermann uses the photos from these magazines to make the collages, the whole world bullet seems threatened.
The cheerful motifs are almost no longer seen as a work of art.
The photos show a different world behind the facade of the beautiful rays.
Holger Zimmermann’s collection from the fifties and sixties could be described as “An archive of the daily world”.


The Impeccable Bunch, 12 May – 5 July 2018

World famous ‘urban artist’ Kevin Ledo exhibits at GO Gallery on 12 May

The Canadian artist invited 14 artists as part of ‘The Impeccable Bunch’


On Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 17:00,
the exhibition ‘The Impeccable Bunch’ will be opened by the famous Canadian artist Kevin Ledo (Montreal, 1978) in GO Gallery Amsterdam. Ledo is particularly famous worldwide for his impressive murals, like his nine-story-high Leonard Cohen in Montreal and his Facing the Future mural in Lebanon.

Yet Ledo still makes time to work with canvas, resulting in a large amount of work with a striking individuality. These works – in a color scheme that breathes a touch of retro – take the Canadian for his first Dutch exhibition in GO Gallery. The emphasis in Ledo’s work is on the lifelike human form, which is often interwoven with geometrically abstract light spheres, halos and vector lines. They reflect moments of intimacy, joy and wonder.

‘The Impeccable Bunch’
For the exhibition ‘The Impeccable Bunch’ Kevin Ledo – who is characterized by his engaging, down-to-earth mentality – also invited 14 artists from North America and Europe. They have painted walls together with Kevin Ledo or they are on his list of favorite artists.

It is Mr. June, Paola Delfin, Marina Capdevila, Jason Botkin, Jonathan Bergeron, Labrona, Jon Todd, Dourone, A Squid called Sebastian, Laurence Vallieres, Celeste Byers, Melanie Garcia, Serge KB and Ard Doko. The latter two were presented to Ledo by Oscar van der Voorn and Farud Cambatta from GO Gallery. “And there was an immediate artistic click,” says Ledo.

Laurence Vallières gemsbok in stock cardboard 2018 40 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm
Laurence Vallières
gemsbok in stock
40 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm
Marina Capdevila
50 X 50 cm
acrylic on linen
Queer & Proud
80 x 60 cm.
Mixed media on wood


















‘The Impeccable Bunch promises to be a wonderful exhibition with so many fantastic artists in this composition of Kevin Ledo. And the artworks are highly collectable, so very interesting for collectors of street art. “Said Oscar van der Voorn of GO Gallery.
Last summer Ledo was in Amsterdam at the NDSM warf in Amsterdam Noord on invitation of Peter Ernst Coolen, director of the largest street art museum in the world. The artist has made a painting for the collection of the museum. Like most paintings in this collection, this canvas is also larger than the Night Watch in the Rijksmuseum.

The Impeccable Bunch / GO Gallery / May 12 – July 7, 2018
Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00 – and by appointment