Hé jij daar Frida, gedicht van Thessa van der Voort.

Hé jij daar Frida!

Jouw mond als een Mexicaanse klaproos!
Het hele koninkrijk der Lage Landen ruil ik
voor één kus van jou!

Al vijfenzestig jaar ben jij vanuit jouw graf
de muze van schilders, dichters, beeldhouwers,
muzikanten, minnaars en modistas
en de hele dekselse santenkraam
die jou op handen draagt!

Jouw geheime wapen is
een feest van kleur, van hartstocht en
en nog zo heel veel méér
omdat jij op jouw doek ook
echte pijn en eerlijkheid belijdt

Jij bent de Morgenster
die ons werk doet stralen
vanuit ons diepste zijn
naar een eeuwigheid
waarvan alleen jij
het ritme mag bepalen!

Verbeeld ik het mij
of zie ik het toch goed?
dat je met een geamuseerde blik
naar ons allen daar beneden kijkt
verwonderd en verblijd over zoveel kunst en creativiteit alleen aan jou gewijd?


Gedicht van Thessa van der Voort, opgevoerd tijdens de expositie opening op 13 Juli 2019.

Viva Frida! An homage to Frida Kahlo, July 13th – August 24th.


The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is an icon that appeals to the imagination of many. Her turbulent, tragic life certainly contributes to that! Frida Kahlo is regarded in art history as one of the most important female artists of the 20th century.  In her paintings she knew like no other how to connect her personal destiny with Mexican folk art, that was unique at the time! 30 artists have given their homage to this fantastic artist in their own way and in their own style.

Click here to see all the artworks.

The opening of Viva Frida! on July 13, 2019 celebrates the 65th death anniversary of the amazing Frida Kahlo.
The exhibition is on display until August 24th and is also part of the Art & Culture Pride.


Between Pain and Pleasure, a solo exhibition by Ard Doko. May 25th, 2019

Almost 10 years ago a young guy entered the GO Gallery.
He made graffiti, on walls and roofs, on canvases and in fact on everything where he could spray graffiti.
Ard Doko was his name, and wanted to exhibit at the GO Gallery, because they did graffiti there, he heard ...
Ard was advised by us to continue painting and to come back in a few years.

Years later, Ard Doko did indeed return.
His career rocketed.
The artist from Callantsoog exhibits frequently in the US and Europe. In 2015, Doko exhibited in Museum De Fundatie. Nick and Simon invited 12 Dutch artists to be inspired by the songs on their new album. Magnificent!
He has developed himself and his painting rapidly. Ard created and improved his own style, something he is still working on.
His style is melancholic, dark and psychedelic with multiple layers of interpretation, and themes ranging from the beauty of life to death and destruction.
In an interview he said: "My style is often explosive and chaotic, just like me."

His new collection of paintings is called "Between Pain and Pleasure".
The collection is a tribute to the conflict between mind and heart that perhaps everyone has experienced in his life. Like abstract art, love is hard to understand and create, but when it is achieved, it will stand the test of time. In this exhibition the artist combines his love for Russian abstract art (from artists such as Malevich and Kandinksy) with his personal diary, and thoughts and expectations for the future. The works are all inspired by the people he met during his life, or stories about people dear to him. With these exhibitions, he hopes to prove to the skeptics in love that it is wrong, and also to give a reality check to those who dream of romantic Disney miracles.

An evening with art at Intercontinental Amstel Hotel.

You are invited tomorrow night, 6 – 9 pm, for an evening that AWCA, American Women’s Club of Amsterdam, organized at Amstel Hotel.
GO Gallery will show some street art by Ard Doko, The London Police, Ben Eine, Sjem Bakkus, Beazarility and some more hot stuff.

THe London Police, screenprint NY
THe London Police, screenprint NY
Beazarility, Silent smiling Woman, spraypaint on canvas, 80x60 cm.
Beazarility, Silent smiling Woman, spraypaint on canvas, 80×60 cm.


Ard Doko, The Replacement for Feelings, 80x60 cm. Acrylic and ink on wood.
Ard Doko, The Replacement for Feelings, 80×60 cm. Acrylic and ink on wood.
Sjem Bakkus, Jungle fever, ink on canvas, € 325
Sjem Bakkus, Jungle fever, ink on canvas, € 325
Ben Eine, AMSTERDAM screen print, 48x48 cm.
Ben Eine, AMSTERDAM screen print, 48×48 cm.