The Impeccable Bunch, 12 May – 5 July 2018

World famous ‘urban artist’ Kevin Ledo exhibits at GO Gallery on 12 May

The Canadian artist invited 14 artists as part of ‘The Impeccable Bunch’


On Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 17:00,
the exhibition ‘The Impeccable Bunch’ will be opened by the famous Canadian artist Kevin Ledo (Montreal, 1978) in GO Gallery Amsterdam. Ledo is particularly famous worldwide for his impressive murals, like his nine-story-high Leonard Cohen in Montreal and his Facing the Future mural in Lebanon.

Yet Ledo still makes time to work with canvas, resulting in a large amount of work with a striking individuality. These works – in a color scheme that breathes a touch of retro – take the Canadian for his first Dutch exhibition in GO Gallery. The emphasis in Ledo’s work is on the lifelike human form, which is often interwoven with geometrically abstract light spheres, halos and vector lines. They reflect moments of intimacy, joy and wonder.

‘The Impeccable Bunch’
For the exhibition ‘The Impeccable Bunch’ Kevin Ledo – who is characterized by his engaging, down-to-earth mentality – also invited 14 artists from North America and Europe. They have painted walls together with Kevin Ledo or they are on his list of favorite artists.

It is Mr. June, Paola Delfin, Marina Capdevila, Jason Botkin, Jonathan Bergeron, Labrona, Jon Todd, Dourone, A Squid called Sebastian, Laurence Vallieres, Celeste Byers, Melanie Garcia, Serge KB and Ard Doko. The latter two were presented to Ledo by Oscar van der Voorn and Farud Cambatta from GO Gallery. “And there was an immediate artistic click,” says Ledo.

Laurence Vallières gemsbok in stock cardboard 2018 40 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm
Laurence Vallières
gemsbok in stock
40 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm
Marina Capdevila
50 X 50 cm
acrylic on linen
Queer & Proud
80 x 60 cm.
Mixed media on wood


















‘The Impeccable Bunch promises to be a wonderful exhibition with so many fantastic artists in this composition of Kevin Ledo. And the artworks are highly collectable, so very interesting for collectors of street art. “Said Oscar van der Voorn of GO Gallery.
Last summer Ledo was in Amsterdam at the NDSM warf in Amsterdam Noord on invitation of Peter Ernst Coolen, director of the largest street art museum in the world. The artist has made a painting for the collection of the museum. Like most paintings in this collection, this canvas is also larger than the Night Watch in the Rijksmuseum.

The Impeccable Bunch / GO Gallery / May 12 – July 7, 2018
Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00 – and by appointment

Kevin Ledo’s Beirut project for AptART

Ledo grew up in a mix of urban and ethnic cultures in Montreal, raised by Portuguese parents from the Azores Islands. While art and painting have always been part of his life, his artistic practice officially started in 2005. Firmly grounded in classical painting techniques and materials while plugged into contemporary perspectives, Ledo also brings his elegant, often stylized approach of realism to walls, both indoor and outdoor; using everything from oil and acrylic paint, to spray paint, and gold leaf.
He has participated in several mural festivals and public art initiatives in Canada and around the world, such as MURAL in Montreal, PangeaSeed Sea Walls in Toronto, FIAP in Cancún, AptART in Jordan and Lebanon, The Raw Project in Miami and Denver, and recently at Street Prints in Christchurch and Mount Maunganui, New Zealand; among others.
The exhibition “The Impeccable Bunch” will open on Saturday 12 May 2018.
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“The Impeccable Bunch”, Kevin Ledo and Friends. Opening on May 12.

On Saturday May 12, the exhibition “An Impeccable Bunch”, with Kevin Ledo & Friends will open at GO Gallery.
Kevin Ledo (Canada, 1978) currated this exhibition with a bunch of dear artist friends from all over the place:
Mr. June, Paola Delfin, Marina Capdevila, Jason Botkin, Jonathan Bergeron, Labrona, Jon Todd, Dourone, A Squid called Sebastian, Serge KB, Laurence Vallieres, Celeste Byers, Ard Doko and Melanie Garcia.

More information to follow soon.

Art Prize zoekt kunstenaars, win € 2.500, € 1.000 of € 500

“Smash The Narrative” is de naam van James Huggett’s organisatie, die zichzelf als doel heeft gesteld om de vrijheid van denken en meningsuiting te promoten.

Dit doet ze op verschillende manieren, niet alleen door middel van kunst.

Dit jaar organiseert “Smash the narrative” in samenwerking met kunstenares Julia Filament een kunstprijs.

Het thema van de Kunstprijs is “Alter-Nation”, een ALTERnatieve interpretatie van NATIONaliteit.

In tegenstelling tot de meeste kunstprijzen zijn er geen kosten verbonden aan het meedoen. Wel zijn er beperkingen gesteld aan de afmetingen van de werken en de kunstvorm/discipline. Op de website staan de voorwaarden en beperkingen.

Iedere kunstenaar die werk heeft dat past bij het thema, of dat wil maken, kan zijn of haar werk tot 8 juni 2018 indienen met behulp van het formulier op de website

De juryprijzen die vergeven worden zijn er t.w.v. € 2.500 en € 1.000.

Daarnaast is er ook een publieksprijs, welke een waardebon vertegenwoordigt van € 500 te besteden bij Van Beek Art-supplies shop.

Tevens zullen alle genomineerde werken 5 weken geëxposeerd worden in GO Gallery,

Amsterdam. De expositie zal gehouden worden van 20 oktober tot 24 november, 2018.

De prijsuitreiking van de juryprijs zal tijdens de feestelijke opening van de expositie op 20 oktober 2018.

De publieksprijs zal bekendgemaakt worden tijdens de finissage op 24 november 2018.

Voor meer informatie zie de website of neem contact op via

Collages by Burry Buermans and yourself!

Collage workshop with Burry Buermans
Burry Buermans is a Belgium artist living in Portugal who dedicated his life to collage. During his solo show in the GO Gallery in Amsterdam he invites you to come and talk about his work in detail, the medium and to start experimenting yourself with paper, scissors, knives and glue.
During this workshop you will learn some specific techniques but most important of all you will discover your own unique way to approach the medium collage.
Feel free to bring your own sources (old books, magazines, newspapers ect,…) and scissors or knife.
When: Saturday 14 April, during 2 – 5 pm.



The Fifth Ring of Sochi

Do you remember the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics in Sochi 4 years ago?
when a mechanical malfunction botched the unveiling of the famed Olympic rings, leaving the fifth and final one stuck shut. It turned out to be one of the most-talked-about moments from an event which was years in the making. Oops! 

Some people came up with the conspiracy theory that this was a Russian act against the participation of homosexuals during these Olympics.
Whatever you think about it,  Burry Buermans made an artwork: The Fifth Ring of Soshi
He used hundreds of postal stamps about the Olympic Games from the 20th century, forming a rainbow triangle with the fifth Olympic Ring, carrying the 3 gender signs.
Right in the middle of the artwork he put an Olympic postal stamp from 1936, when the Games were organized in Berlin, in Nazi Germany. The solo exhibition CTRL Cut is on display until May 5th.