PINK with PRIDE 2018

GO Gallery organizes an exhibition around the annual AGP, Amsterdam Gay Pride: Pink with Pride 2018.

6 artists are invited this year to exhibit their new works during the annual GayPride exhibition PINK with PRIDE in the GO Gallery.
ENDLESS (street art), René Zuiderveld (photography), R’JEAN (photography), Chris Marmier (cartoons)
The opening of the exhibition is on Saturday 21 July, the exhibition lasts until 25 August.

Endless is a London-based artist, his provocative and radical creations are often found on the walls in London, telling a story about our world that is brutal and intense. One of the most iconic works of the artist is the Marky Mark, an ironic version of the Calvin Klein advertisement with Mark Wahlberg from the 90s.

René Zuiderveld.

From and especially in close collaboration with his models he makes portraits, erotically tinted photographs, but also evocative images that flirt with fetish and kink. Some with a clear wink, other theatrical and yet another sensual / erotic.
In GO Gallery he shows a number of erotic / sexual nudes in black and white, including a nod to Robert Mapplethorpe and to the work of the painter Egon Schiele.




Photographer R’JEAN has made a series of portraits:
‘Drag Royals – Each Side Has a Face’.

“I think Drag Queens and Drag Kings are special and beautiful. It is fascinating to see how the man transforms a woman into another person in appearance and behavior. At the same time it is a part of the person himself, intriguing.
I wanted to capture these two appearances and extremes (the man / woman and his / her alter ego) in one image without photoshop. So half in the make-up and half a wig, which was quite a challenge. A total of 30 portraits were made, 9 are in the exhibition.







Chris Marmier is a French artist based in Amsterdam.
He has been drawing since he was a toddler and has never ever stopped. Growing up in several countries with his bi-cultural family, he has been observing people of various cultures, in different environments, and they have inspired him. Drawing only by memory or imagination, people are the main subject of his creativity.
Chris has studied visual communication and worked in advertising agencies and he’s currently a freelance graphic designer/illustrator. Getting to the point in an aesthetic way is the link between his work and his artwork. Through his drawings, using markers on wooden boards, he expresses his vision of our world(s).

‘People safari’ is a journey through people’s everyday lives and the connection with their surroundings. As if watching other people like we watch animals in a game reserve with a safe distance, we make a parallel with our lives that becomes a reflection of who we are and how we interact with one another.

Ard Doko is an ambitious young artist, showing his work in museums, galleries and on big walls around the world.


Ard Doko himself

Holger Zimmermann
Petticoats, Kuiven, Beautiful cars. The journals from the fifties are odes to the sector, the exuberance and nonchalance of the post-war years.
When Zimmermann uses the photos from these magazines to make the collages, the whole world bullet seems threatened.
The cheerful motifs are almost no longer seen as a work of art.
The photos show a different world behind the facade of the beautiful rays.
Holger Zimmermann’s collection from the fifties and sixties could be described as “An archive of the daily world”.


Noord/Zuidlijn, the new metro in Amsterdam will open next month.

Metrostation De Pijp, 100x130 cm, oil on canvas.

During 2011 & 2013, Dutch artist Ton Leenarts (1952) created a series of paintings of the Amsterdam subway under construction.

Metrostation Ceintuurbaan/De pijp, 2012, 80x140 cm., oil on canvas.
Metrostation Ceintuurbaan/De pijp, 2012, 80×140 cm., oil on canvas.

Metrostation Ceintuurbaan/De pijp, 2012, 80×140 cm., oil on canvas.The paintings of the Noord/zuidlijn, the new under construction Metro line in the city of Amsterdam, are based upon photographs. But they are not an accurate photorealistic depiction of the Metro stations. For example, Metro station “the Pijp” is a painting made by using photos of actual existing elements. The Pompeian pillars, the red abstract rectangles, are all to be found down there in the station. But the composition of the painting was made up by the artist. The painting appears to represent the reality of the station but in fact shows an idealized version. The perspective inside the station makes it impossible to find the image the artist has painted, because he had to create his own artificial perspective that would allow him the artistic license of combining all the different elements of the station in one cohesive painting of his own invention.2 art prints of this series of paintings are printed, in an edition of 24 each: Metro station Rokin, 42×60 cm. € 250 and Metro station C.S. The Cathedral, 20×22 cm., € 75. Order at

Metrostation Rokin, 2012, 80x140 cm, oil on canvas, screenprint:70x42 cm.
Metrostation Rokin, 2012, 80×140 cm, oil/canvas, screenprint:70×42 cm., €250
Metro Station C.S. II De Kathedraal, 110x130 cm., oil on canvas.
Metro Station C.S. II De Kathedraal, 110×130 cm., oil/canvas, screenprint: 20×22 cm, €75














Serge KB @ GO Gallery

Serge KB (The Netherlands)
Self taught artist Serge Kortenbroek draws and paints surreal creatures, animals, cyborgs and androids. On diverse surfaces – canvas and paper, but also walls and found objects – he creates grim scenes with a twist. By experimenting with different materials and topics, Serge’s style is developing continuously. More paintings by Serge KB are available. Check prices, availability and other artworks on our ARTSY.NET page

The Impeccable Bunch, 12 May – 5 July 2018

World famous ‘urban artist’ Kevin Ledo exhibits at GO Gallery on 12 May

The Canadian artist invited 14 artists as part of ‘The Impeccable Bunch’


On Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 17:00,
the exhibition ‘The Impeccable Bunch’ will be opened by the famous Canadian artist Kevin Ledo (Montreal, 1978) in GO Gallery Amsterdam. Ledo is particularly famous worldwide for his impressive murals, like his nine-story-high Leonard Cohen in Montreal and his Facing the Future mural in Lebanon.

Yet Ledo still makes time to work with canvas, resulting in a large amount of work with a striking individuality. These works – in a color scheme that breathes a touch of retro – take the Canadian for his first Dutch exhibition in GO Gallery. The emphasis in Ledo’s work is on the lifelike human form, which is often interwoven with geometrically abstract light spheres, halos and vector lines. They reflect moments of intimacy, joy and wonder.

‘The Impeccable Bunch’
For the exhibition ‘The Impeccable Bunch’ Kevin Ledo – who is characterized by his engaging, down-to-earth mentality – also invited 14 artists from North America and Europe. They have painted walls together with Kevin Ledo or they are on his list of favorite artists.

It is Mr. June, Paola Delfin, Marina Capdevila, Jason Botkin, Jonathan Bergeron, Labrona, Jon Todd, Dourone, A Squid called Sebastian, Laurence Vallieres, Celeste Byers, Melanie Garcia, Serge KB and Ard Doko. The latter two were presented to Ledo by Oscar van der Voorn and Farud Cambatta from GO Gallery. “And there was an immediate artistic click,” says Ledo.

Laurence Vallières gemsbok in stock cardboard 2018 40 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm
Laurence Vallières
gemsbok in stock
40 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm
Marina Capdevila
50 X 50 cm
acrylic on linen
Queer & Proud
80 x 60 cm.
Mixed media on wood


















‘The Impeccable Bunch promises to be a wonderful exhibition with so many fantastic artists in this composition of Kevin Ledo. And the artworks are highly collectable, so very interesting for collectors of street art. “Said Oscar van der Voorn of GO Gallery.
Last summer Ledo was in Amsterdam at the NDSM warf in Amsterdam Noord on invitation of Peter Ernst Coolen, director of the largest street art museum in the world. The artist has made a painting for the collection of the museum. Like most paintings in this collection, this canvas is also larger than the Night Watch in the Rijksmuseum.

The Impeccable Bunch / GO Gallery / May 12 – July 7, 2018
Open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00 – and by appointment

Kevin Ledo’s Beirut project for AptART

Ledo grew up in a mix of urban and ethnic cultures in Montreal, raised by Portuguese parents from the Azores Islands. While art and painting have always been part of his life, his artistic practice officially started in 2005. Firmly grounded in classical painting techniques and materials while plugged into contemporary perspectives, Ledo also brings his elegant, often stylized approach of realism to walls, both indoor and outdoor; using everything from oil and acrylic paint, to spray paint, and gold leaf.
He has participated in several mural festivals and public art initiatives in Canada and around the world, such as MURAL in Montreal, PangeaSeed Sea Walls in Toronto, FIAP in Cancún, AptART in Jordan and Lebanon, The Raw Project in Miami and Denver, and recently at Street Prints in Christchurch and Mount Maunganui, New Zealand; among others.
The exhibition “The Impeccable Bunch” will open on Saturday 12 May 2018.
Click on the picture below to view the video.