Project Amsterdam Street Art, Part III

Voor het derde achtereenvolgende keer in Amsterdam!
Opening op zaterdag 1 september, 17:00 – 20:00 hrs. in aanwezigheid van alle Heroes!

Amsterdam Noir - Max Zorn - GO Gallery

Amsterdam Noir, 50X70 cm. – Max Zorn – GO Gallery

Project ASA 2012 vindt plaats gedurende 2 weken (3 weekends) op verschillende locaties in Amsterdam. (zie
Kunstenaars uit binnen- en buitenland komen naar de hoofdstad voor paint jams, exposities en uiteraard om hun sporen achter te laten in het Amsterdamse straatbeeld.
Project Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) is het jaarlijks terugkerende street art evenement georganiseerd door Stichting Amsterdam Street Art.
In juni 2010 vond de eerste editie plaats.
De positieve feedback van zowel bezoekers, kunstenaars, partners en media heeft elke verwachting meer dan waar gemaakt.
‘Amsterdam is klaar voor street art’, was het motto van 2011.
‘Amsterdam is Street Art’, is het motto van nu.

Aan de expositie in GO Gallery doen mee: Max Zorn (de inmiddels beroemde “tape kunstenaar”), SjocoSjon, Morcky Troubles, Inkie en Otto Schade.

For the third time in Amsterdam.

(International) artists come to Amsterdam for paint jams and exhibition in Amsterdam.

On September 1st, GO Gallery opens the exhibition Project Amsterdam Street Art 2012, Part III.

The 5 participating artists are: Max Zorn (the famous “tape artist”), SjocoSjon, Morcky Troubles, Inkie (Banksy’s right hand man) and Otto Schade.

Max Zorn (NL). Born in the Netherlands, Max Zorn made a name as a street artist while working on various projects in Amsterdam and internationally. By using layers  of translucent brown packing tapes on Plexyglas panels, Zorn creates stunning portraits of romantic and strong characters which he installs on street lamps in public places. Once the lights are on, a luminescent, very graphic picture appears. GO Gallery shows a number of larger tape art works.

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SjocoSjon (NL), During the third edition of the annual ASA exposition of the GO Gallery in Amsterdam, SjocoSjon will show new paintings of his notorious Mokum Suicide Squad series. A collection of art works in which the Amsterdam artist inspired by all sorts of different visual propaganda, pays tribute to his beloved city of Mokum. Apart from that he will show new drawings in which he has tried to find new shapes by combining botanical images with elements of modern popular cultural.

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Morcky Troubles (IT/NL). “La grande abbuffata” is a painting about decadence. Decadent is the church that becomes playground for odd characters and decadent are the left overs of an old meal that lays on the foreground. The signs of a faded splendor leave space to a worst world.
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Inkie (UK), This artist is one of the most notorious and prolific graffiti writers in UK history to emerge out of the 80’s Bristol scene. Painting alongside 3D, Nick Walker and Banksy, in 1989 the ‘Kingpin’ was arrested as the head of 72 other writers in the UK’s largest ever Graffiti bust, Operation Anderson. Inkie has since worked as head of design for SEGA, Xbox, and currently works as Jade Jagger’s in-house designer as well as running a West London design studio creating prints, illustrations, clothing and with his trademark beauty on large-scale pieces, the globally respected artist, whose diverse inspirations collect Mayan architecture, William Morris, Mouse & Kelly, Alphons Mucha and Islamic geometry, has exhibited worldwide.

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Otto Schade (Chile/UK). Otto Schade creates some of the most distinctive street art around. His paintings show a unique style, proving an inventive imagination as well as a refined technique.

He’s well known for his depictions of the human form, composed from interwoven ribbons.

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More galleries participating in the Project ASA 2012, Part III are:

Andenken Gallery and Battalion with a new exhibition of  Deedee Cheriel  (USA)

KochxBos Gallery show new paintings of the Sauerkids and other heroes.Read More »Project Amsterdam Street Art, Part III