Matthew Knight

Upcoming show, December 1st.: Closet Eccentric
Matthew Knight
(Ireland) grew up in Pakistan and this had a huge impact on him, “I experienced one hell of a crazy and wonderful upbringing.  The influence that country had on me has never diminished.’ He explains how the troubles also were a real eye opener when he returned to Belfast. ‘The first I learned of the Troubles or any religious background that I had was on the flight over 2 hours before my plane landed. I was so used to Eastern culture that Western culture has always felt quite alien to me. So I draw from all those experiences putting that into each and every character I create.’ ‘I like my grey backgrounds as it reflects how dull the backgrounds can be compared to the characters in them where I concentrate all the colour. As my style developes you can expect alot more detail to come. Dots, patterns,collections,collage 2D and 3D elements will continue to feature more and more as I go.” [nggallery id=70] ‘Over the years I have met the oddest and most interesting characters, seen and experienced bizarre sights, been bombarded with many differing beliefs and ideals aimed at making sense of life. Like everybody out there I got my own monsters and demons roaming around my head, an inner turmoil that I have learned to explore creatively to make sense of it all. Combining ideas, experiences and images from the different cultures that have shaped my life I create characters on found surfaces gathered from places that have meaning to me. For me painting is a meditative process, turning negative thoughts into positive experiences. There have been a whole load of cultural and artistic disciplines that have shaped my artistic aspirations; Islamic, Celtic, Aboriginal, Street art,Lowbrow art, Cinema, Comic art and so on. I use a range of mixed media, Collage and Acrylics mostly. ‘

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