Noord/Zuidlijn, the new metro in Amsterdam will open next month.

Metrostation De Pijp, 100x130 cm, oil on canvas.

During 2011 & 2013, Dutch artist Ton Leenarts (1952) created a series of paintings of the Amsterdam subway under construction.

Metrostation Ceintuurbaan/De pijp, 2012, 80x140 cm., oil on canvas.

Metrostation Ceintuurbaan/De pijp, 2012, 80×140 cm., oil on canvas.

Metrostation Ceintuurbaan/De pijp, 2012, 80×140 cm., oil on canvas.The paintings of the Noord/zuidlijn, the new under construction Metro line in the city of Amsterdam, are based upon photographs. But they are not an accurate photorealistic depiction of the Metro stations. For example, Metro station “the Pijp” is a painting made by using photos of actual existing elements. The Pompeian pillars, the red abstract rectangles, are all to be found down there in the station. But the composition of the painting was made up by the artist. The painting appears to represent the reality of the station but in fact shows an idealized version. The perspective inside the station makes it impossible to find the image the artist has painted, because he had to create his own artificial perspective that would allow him the artistic license of combining all the different elements of the station in one cohesive painting of his own invention.2 art prints of this series of paintings are printed, in an edition of 24 each: Metro station Rokin, 42×60 cm. € 250 and Metro station C.S. The Cathedral, 20×22 cm., € 75. Order at

Metrostation Rokin, 2012, 80x140 cm, oil on canvas, screenprint:70x42 cm.

Metrostation Rokin, 2012, 80×140 cm, oil/canvas, screenprint:70×42 cm., €250

Metro Station C.S. II De Kathedraal, 110x130 cm., oil on canvas.

Metro Station C.S. II De Kathedraal, 110×130 cm., oil/canvas, screenprint: 20×22 cm, €75