A Poem for Lauren

A Poem for Lauren
Mixed media on board
80×60 cm.

Between Pain and Pleasure

New solo exhibition by Ard Doko in GO Gallery.
Opening on Saturday 25th of May, from 5 – 8 pm.
Exhibition on display until July 6th.

Almost 10 years ago a young guy of less than 20 years old entered the GO Gallery. He made graffiti on walls and roofs, on canvases and in fact on everything where he could spray graffiti. Ard Doko was his name, and wanted to exhibit at the GO Gallery, because they did graffiti there, he heard … Ard was advised to continue painting and to come back in a few years.

Years later, Ard Doko returned.
His career rocketed!
The artist from Callantsoog has since exhibited frequently in the US and Europe and is now exhibiting with a solo exhibition in the GO Gallery. Ard created and improved his own style, something he is still working on. His style is melancholic, dark and psychedelic with multiple layers of interpretation, and themes ranging from the beauty of life to death and destruction. In an interview he said: “My style is often explosive and chaotic, just like me.”

Dimensions 80 × 60 cm