Amsterdam Dance Event @ GO Gallery Amsterdam

Are you looking for a suitable location in the center of Amsterdam where you can receive your guests and business relations during Amsterdam Dance Event?
A stylish place with a personal and hospitable atmosphere where you and your guests can have undisturbed discussions, away from the decibels in the dance clubs and house parties?
The GO Gallery offers this opportunity on 100 m2 on Marnixstraat 127, on the edge of the Jordaan, close to Westerpark.
In the gallery you can have lunch and a drink in the middle of the exhibition “STATE OF MIND”, by the 2 top artists Miriam Kruishoop and Mike van Veen.
During ADE, from 16 – 20 October, the GO Gallery can also be your gallery!
Get in touch with us for more information and the options.

Ben je op zoek naar een geschikte locatie in het centrum van Amsterdam waar je je gasten en zakenrelaties kunt ontvangen tijdens Amsterdam Dance Event?
Een stijlvolle plek met een persoonlijke en gastvrije sfeer waar jij en je gasten ongestoord besprekingen kunnen voeren, weg van de decibellen in de dansclubs en de house party’s?
De GO Gallery biedt die gelegenheid op 100 m2 aan de Marnixstraat, aan de rand van de Jordaan, vlak bij het Westerpark.
In de gallery kan worden geluncht en geborreld temidden van de expositie “STATE OF MIND”, van de 2 top kunstenaars Miriam Kruishoop en Mike van Veen.
Gedurende ADE, van 16 – 20 oktober, kan de GO Gallery ook jouw gallery zijn.
Neem graag contact met ons op voor meer informatie en de mogelijkheden. (+31) 20 7507284


HEROES, a Pop Art exhibition, 14 October 2017

HEROES, a Pop art exhibition with 5 artists, dedicated to their heroes, opening on 14 October, 5 -8 pm., the weekend before Amsterdam Dance Event, ADE.
"HEROES", a Pop Art exhibition, 14 October 2017

To coincide with the ADE, the Amsterdam Dance Event, the theme for the new show is DJ’s, music and their idols…..Heroes thus.  A couple of the artists are DJ’s themselves, but all have a deep connection to the music industry.

Hero De Janeiro

7 years ago, Herwin Bonardi, aka Hero De Janeiro began putting up life sized paste-ups all over Amsterdam. Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol, Jip & Janneke carrying getto blasters. These were an instant success. The Wijdesteeg in the city centre of Amsterdam, a previously squatted spot,  used to be Hero’s and Ottograph’s domain for many years. Ottograph being the one who gave him the Street-art bug. Since that time this area is a great tourist attraction. Recently Hero was asked by the city municipality to beautify the ugly plant bins into happy colourful art objects in this same area.

"HEROES", a Pop Art exhibition, 14 October 2017
Hero at his studio, in front of  his painted Rhino’s.

Daniel Dens

a Belgian artist, got started in Venice CA, and then worked for 12 years in NYC made waves with his screen printed images of historic and contemporary icons and objects.
Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.”  These words from Oscar Wilde describe the actions of my “heroes”.  I have always admired those who will stand up and do what is necessary to make progress and change. Many of my subjects such as Joe Strummer, Brigitte Bardot, John Carlos/Tommy Smith, and … all represent this virtue.

4 x BB by Daniel Dens
4x BB by Daniel Dens, 81×81 cm, multy layered, screen painted on canvas, original.

2FasT  is from Zagreb , Croatia and was one of the founding members of the Croatian graffiti movement in the 80’s. For the upcoming show 2Fast has created his “SPLASHES” with images of iconic objects and Icons, from the pop art world.
"HEROES", a Pop Art exhibition, 14 October 2017 "HEROES", a Pop Art exhibition, 14 October 2017






Nick Twaalfhoven

Nick is inspired, mainly by music from the 60’s and 70’s, art from the 80’s and todays Street art. His style could be described as Neo-expressionist (street) pop.

Nick Twaalfhoven designed Douwe Bob’s Fool Bar in Amsterdam.


Peer Vos

In the 80’s Peer used to be one for the first club DJ’s in Holland and played at festivals indoors and outdoors. In 2002 Peer decided to use his collection of albums in a very different manner.  As artworks. He designed a special LP frame for this. He makes visual compositions with original LP covers from collectable artists. The original vinyl record comes with it, of course!

"HEROES", a Pop Art exhibition, 14 October 2017
Album covers designed by Andy Warhol.


"HEROES", a Pop Art exhibition, 14 October 2017