April 5th: EVOLUTION, by Bustart & Zaira

evolution-600PX 2014 is the year of change for Zaira and Bustart, the year of, in the career of two artists. The new collection that  Bustart & Zaira will show at the GO Gallery has to do with their diversity, artworks that they have made for the city,  their love for the city, and their love for each other. Opening:        Saturday  5th April, from 5:00 – 8:00 pm. 60x120 cm. 3 years ago, Bustart and Zaira moved from Switzerland to Amsterdam, the city that had a magnet-effect on them for years. Over the next years in Amsterdam, they proceeded to become the most productive and active Street Art duo that we have known here for a while, and give the city a new “artistic look”.Read More »April 5th: EVOLUTION, by Bustart & Zaira