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GO Gallery welcomes Jarret Quinn

Introducing our new artist-600px
The portraits are a result of Jarret being recently new to wearing glasses.
He wanted to do a series of portraits of people with glasses.
The two portraits are from a larger series that incorporate the colours of the rainbow coming from the Pride flag.
The faces are somewhat blurred, but while undefined have linework that is still controlled and the placement of colours is done purposefully.
The faces are a reflection of the individual behind the glasses looking forward for meaning in what is beyond.
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Perishable Rush (NL)

Portraits by ‘ Perishable Rush’ Dirty Cash by Perishable Rush I’m working on a series of portraits of my personal heroes. The basis of the works is formed by a layer of ripped screenprints wheatpasted on a wooden panel. The roughly torn up and pasted screenprints make up a raw background for the stylistic and clean illustrated portraits.  In these portraits I try to capture the characteristics of my heroes as minimalistic as I can, reducing their faces to just a few lines. Stripped to the essentials. The portraits are then laseretched into the panel. Laseretching causes a slightly burned effect around the illustration. This burned effect almost makes the illustration visualy float. As if it hovers above the background of ripped screenprints. The contrast between the raw background and the stylished portraits gives these works a unique look and feel. The panels are framed in a custom made handbuild frames. The Perishable Rush logo is etched on the side of the frames.