Master Pieces, November 9 – December 7, 2019

This new screen print by The London Police,
on 250 grams white Schut grafiekpapier, 3 kleuren pms + black
Paper size 57 x 55 cm, edition 77
is now available at
€ 199

If you have missed us at the Affordable Art Fair please come and visit our exhibition Master Pieces, a group exhibition with some masters of today.
Opening: Saturday November 9, 5 – 8 pm.

All artworks are for sale. Please send us an email to for prices and shipping details.




Urban Camo Ski Mask Project by Perishable Rush, 9 May 2015

Ski masks to Perishable Rush are a symbol of the current struggles around the globe. The news is dominated by men wearing ski masks whether it be terrorists or the special forces battling them. An exhibition at GO Gallery, from May 9th.

Urban Camo Ski Mask by Perishable Rush
Urban Camo Ski Mask by Perishable Rush

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Art work of the week: “Broken Heart” by Perishable Rush

Dollar Bill version 1 edition 10

“Broken Heart” is a lasercut one dollar bank note. It represents the concept of mixed feelings I have towards money and the way money shapes our world and influences people. I love and I hate it at the same time.
Produced in a series of 10, offered in an acrylic transparant frame making it look as if the banknote floats in space.
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