Serge KB @ GO Gallery

Serge KB (The Netherlands)
Self taught artist Serge Kortenbroek draws and paints surreal creatures, animals, cyborgs and androids. On diverse surfaces – canvas and paper, but also walls and found objects – he creates grim scenes with a twist. By experimenting with different materials and topics, Serge’s style is developing continuously. More paintings by Serge KB are available. Check prices, availability and other artworks on our ARTSY.NET page

“The Impeccable Bunch”, Kevin Ledo and Friends. Opening on May 12.

On Saturday May 12, the exhibition “An Impeccable Bunch”, with Kevin Ledo & Friends will open at GO Gallery.
Kevin Ledo (Canada, 1978) currated this exhibition with a bunch of dear artist friends from all over the place:
Mr. June, Paola Delfin, Marina Capdevila, Jason Botkin, Jonathan Bergeron, Labrona, Jon Todd, Dourone, A Squid called Sebastian, Serge KB, Laurence Vallieres, Celeste Byers, Ard Doko and Melanie Garcia.

More information to follow soon.