The Fifth Ring of Sochi

Do you remember the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics in Sochi 4 years ago?
when a mechanical malfunction botched the unveiling of the famed Olympic rings, leaving the fifth and final one stuck shut. It turned out to be one of the most-talked-about moments from an event which was years in the making. Oops! 

Some people came up with the conspiracy theory that this was a Russian act against the participation of homosexuals during these Olympics.
Whatever you think about it,  Burry Buermans made an artwork: The Fifth Ring of Soshi
He used hundreds of postal stamps about the Olympic Games from the 20th century, forming a rainbow triangle with the fifth Olympic Ring, carrying the 3 gender signs.
Right in the middle of the artwork he put an Olympic postal stamp from 1936, when the Games were organized in Berlin, in Nazi Germany. The solo exhibition CTRL Cut is on display until May 5th.